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Per month


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  • 5GB
  • 100GB
  • 10
  • Free setup
  • Unlimited
  • 10
  • Easy site builder
  • App installer
  • Web stats
  • Unlimited
  • DNS
  • PHP
  • SSH
  • With 2 year payment
  • $2 month



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  • 250GB
  • Unlimited
  • 100
  • Free Setup
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Easy site builder
  • App installer
  • Web stats
  • Unlimited
  • DNS
  • PHP
  • SSH
  • With 1 year payment
  • Free Setup

More than Just Web Hosting

We are here to help you in anyway we can 24/7/365

Fast web hosting
web hosting speed chart
Rated the fastest host year after year

We not only use one of the fastest networks on the planet, we blend them with over 13 other back up networks that cover most of the populated planet. Our network is rated faster than 92% of the Internet by Alexa's standards and rated faster but many others. Our smart infrastructure routes to the fastest network not just the closest, thus always rebuilding the fastest possible connections.

Relax. Our security is updated nightly by the top security services.

Our automated system upgrades every server nightly with any patches or tools that are available to maintain the best Internet security possible.

DDoS Mitigation

Our advanced DDOS protection system used to cost companies thousands of dollars a month. We now have this installed with every web hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server free.


Our advanced Firewall allows you to add IPs and extra security as you see fit. Or just let our firewall automated intelligence system block IPs as they try to do bad things to your website..

threat management
Threat Management

Our in server security scans nightly for any malicious code that could be on your site and alerts you right away if anything is found.

spam protection
99% Spam Protection.

Our spam assassin system is truly cutting edge. It's one thing to block spam but to not block good email is what's important! Our spam system knows what is spam for sure and simply labels things that are in questions. You can control how strict the system is right from your CPanel.

safe email
Known Server Blacklisting

90% of all spam comes from the same servers, these servers are found and blocked in real time.

safe IP
Restricted IP Addresses

You can block and unblock any IP, network, Email, or Server from sending you EMail anytime.

security filtering
Account-level Filtering

You have full control over how strict your spam protection is. You simple adjust between 1-10 from in your CPanel.

More than just web hosting support.

Not only do we have the best support tools available like F.A.Qs, Videos, Tutorials, and Articles. We have techs here 24/7/365 to help in any way possible.

Live Chat

We have our live chat system and Skype.

Support Tickets

Our support ticket system is simple to use and locally ran by our best techs.

24X7 Call Center

Call anytime we are happy to hear from you.

Social Media

Find us on every major social media network.

The highest rated most used Control panel on the Internet.

CPanel puts every aspect of your website at your fingertips with easy to use tools. More CPanel details

  • Nightly updates for security and new features
  • MySQL, PostreSQL, PHPMyAdmin, Ruby on Rails
  • Manage DNS, addon, parked, and sub domains
  • Custom Email system with spam blocker and Webmail
  • Cloud web disk for local computer backups
  • Easy self backup and restore tools
  • Web protect with password manager
  • Error logs and web stats
  • Web based file manager with WYSIWYG editor
99% uptime guarantee

App Installer
Install the best website apps with one click

100's available, view them all here

The most popular web builder on the planet.

The second most used web builder CMS.

A popular modern site builder CMS.

The most popular shopping cart, owned by EBAY.

An easy clean designed shopping cart.

The most used WIKI and FAQ program.

Image Galley
Run image galleries on your website or on their own.

Help Center
Robust support desk with extra options.